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Give it all,give em hell

that's your birthright

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  • purplecoyote@livejournal.com
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Bleach(hah obviously),Naruto,One Piece,Blood+,Samurai Champloo,Ouran High School Host Club,Excel Saga,Club-To-Death-Angel-Dokuro-Chan,Get Backers,Gunslinger Girl,Gintama,Fruits Basket,Death Note,Gakuen Heaven,Loveless,Paradise Kiss,Elfen Lied,Spirited Away,Gurren Lagann,Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
Pairings that i like:
Bleach:Gin/Kira,Ichigo/Ishida,Yoruichi/Soi Fong,Hisagi/Kira/Renji,Kira/Aizen/Gin,Hitsugaya/Hinamori,Byakuya/Renji,Renji/Rukia,Ichigo/Inoue, Grantz/Grantz,Ulquiorra/Inoue,Noitora/Tesla,Ikkaku/Kira,Yumichika/Hisagi
Naruto: Temari/Shikamaru,Hinata/Naruto,Deidara/Sasori,Kakashi/Iruka
One Piece Sanji/Zoro,Luffy/Nami
aye: Fics,fan art,Livejournal,Sushi,good movies,video games,nature,Anthromorphs,Yaoi,the color purple,capslocking,Bleach Musicals,Manga,SUBBED Anime,Livejournal communities...
nay: Mary Sues,Myspace,fish,general wank,KAWAIIII SUGOI people,DUBBED Anime,Real life and internet drama,...
General: I have a sister who is 10 years older than me.I live in Belgium,my best friend is dauerbinde
.In my journal i talk about random stuff that happens to me,i also have the habbit to spazz out now and then.I talk alot about fandom or things that anoy me.It's also 99% public.Feel free to talk to me or friend me,i don't bite. :)

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-Wasted But Wanted- A site where i store some fan art of mine (mainly Bleach) and also a page where i have collected all sorts of Japanese fan art sites (most of them are GinKira)
Fanfiction.net Just some of my fanfiction,it's not much yet but more is on the way
pcoyoteicons My icons,as simple as that

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vice captains, ex-vice captains and his captain
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kira izuru.ichimaru gin.aizen sousuke
paint a triptych?

senpai, kouhai, kouhai
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hisagi shuuhei.kira izuru.abarai renji
paint a triptych?

I ♥ kira!

Kira is distressed love.

Hanatarou is male nurse love.

Akon is a little horny love.

Kaien is tragic love.

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Burimyu love by kat_thefox

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The Bleach Love Bars by visualmidnight

Anchorman is Channel 4 News Team love.

by this_is_fucked

By ramune_soda

By tam_atm

By tam_atm

Kira IzuruIs My Boyfriend

Yugioh is 'Aw hell, my shit is broken' Love

By suikka