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Hey everyone!
Just wanted to say that I've moved to Tumblr.

It's over here

Thanks for all the lovely memories, my livejournal friends!

Jan. 17th, 2012

Well, I had lost my password and hadn't logged into Livejournal since a looooong time but I'm back!
There is spam EVERYWHERE you guys.
Is posting in Japanese History class.It is slightly boring and that's rather dissapointing,I usually like history. :/

Oh well!


Since I'm a loser with way too much time on my hands, IT WAS TIME TO CELEBRATE RYO BAKURA'S BIRTHDAY and I spent all day baking cookies, making a card and a paper Ryo.

(the art on my desktop is obviously not mine, but the artist moved to another domain and so I lost my link, if anyone has it,please let me know.)



To infinity AND BEYOND


ok, that was actually like a month ago BUT WHO CARES!
I'm going to miss quite a few of my teachers (like crazy German/Dutch/Belgian lady from digital arts class and crazy history obsessed history teacher...)

This last year was pretty hectic, with our graduation piece (we had to present it to a jury and everything, SCARY). But when I look back to it all,it was pretty fun.

I would have liked to continue in the art direction if the Belgian art school weren't such utter tossers. They are really terrible, no artistic freedom AT ALL. When you graduate there you can work in advertisement at most.

So I'm gonna study Japanese (language and probably history) waaaaaay back in Leuven. Now, I'm used to living in Leffinge, or COW VILLAGE as I like to call it (even if I was born in Antwerp actually...) so Leuven will be a huge change....And I've never been there before either. Yeah, I'm pretty nervous about it.
I'll be moving there in about two months, so no internet again for a while then.


Big pile-o-fan art

As the title sais! Bleach spam (and two Yu-Gi-Oh,haha)

Also, a little question for my friends that are also in the shuukira community, is it alright to submit fan art of Wabisuke and Kazeshini or does it HAVE to be Kira and/or Shuuhei?

Spoilers for the Zanpaktou arc I guess and image heavyCollapse )



(Even tough it isn't New Years for another half hour here in Belgium,)



Right, since I'm in an artsy mood anyway, here's some moar. Man, the snow here has finally started to melt.I mean it's fun that it snows and everything but after a while I got a bit tired of it. ANYWAY, MOVING ON. spoilers for Umineko ep 20 and up, and gooorrreeeCollapse )



No better way to waste time than to draw lots and lots of chibis So here's a pile of Vocaloid ones!Collapse )


I know it's too early, but Happy Christmas anyway! Slight spoiler for Umineko episode 12,hehCollapse )